Workers Comp – Would I eliminate my occupation?


There is typically a great deal of unpredictability and even fear amongst staff members who submit a workers’ compensation claim. An occupational injury might have the prospective to make use of a business’s imperfections, that makes it natural for staff members to be rather afraid of suing. We spoke to Atkins Law Firm,, and Workers’ compensation law has actually been built to secure those who have been injured on the job.

All states have various guidelines by themselves variations of workers’ compensation law. They were all developed with the interests of workers. In the state of SC, the law prefers staff members and forbids the discharge or demotion since they chose to apply for workers comp. Now, that does not imply a business will not attempt to fire a worker who has actually sued. They might attempt to validate the shooting with another reason, although it straight opposes South Carolina law. Some business are unwilling to go this path since they are mindful it might lead to a claim.

Resisting termination

While it is not traditional for a business to fire a staff member who submitted a workers comp claim, it is a great concept to enter into the circumstance prepared after experiencing employee injuries. That begins with documents. Af6ter you are injured, reveal evidence that you followed every suggestion of your doctor. Some business might try to fire staff members who are not compliant with their healing. Make certain you go to every doctor check out and file every journey.


A bad work efficiency history might threaten your task status as companies might utilize that as a factor for your shooting. This termination would be thought about dissociated from your issues. People with a bad performance history might be more likely to get fired rather than a worker with an outstanding record. Companies might likewise appoint injured workers to light responsibility and if they declare to discover a problem with their operate in that capability, they might attempt to utilize that as premises for termination.

When to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer

The law states that companies cannot terminate workers who have experienced job accidents, although organizations do not constantly follow the regulations. It is essential to have an advocate in legal representation on your side when that happens. Atkins Law office can represent your workers’ compensation claim in South Carolina and safeguard your rights while likewise combating to get the compensation you are worthy of.