Why your production should have an expert studio master


Is your recording or production lacking that unique “something” to assist it to take on your preferred artists? Are you having a problem reaching a competitive volume for your category without losing your initial sound? Tired of moving from one studio engineer to the next?

We comprehend your difficulty and our expert online audio mastering service can assist. You have striven on every second of your recording. Offer yourself a break, take the concern and stress of the remainder of the procedure while receiving a fresh set of skilled ears to get every subtle expression provided properly and with a high quality and competitive balance.

Mastering is the procedure of taking a finished audio mix and processing it so that it attains the general balance and volume of similar recordings and publications in the specific niche. There several tools that are utilized to finish this last step prior to publication and the history of exactly what is called “the black art” of mastering has actually come from many intriguing starts to become exactly what it is referred to as widely today.

We pride ourselves on our capability to be versatile and deal with customers on their spending plan and on their time … we will not settle unless our customers are pleased with the outcomes and take every readily available action to both satisfy and go beyond expectations in any place possible. If you are not pleased we will re-perform your mix or master up until you are completely pleased or offer a complete and total refund instantly.


We’re tired of seeing high ticket studios putting out lack-luster product and charging tough working, independent artists far more than they can manage. Cb Media has years of experience dealing with and producing in all kinds of popular categories, especially in dance/electronic music. We pride ourselves in our capability to pay attention to our customers and by providing our clients precisely what they want to hear. Contact Cb Media, cbmusicmedia.com, Online Music Studio Solutions today and make the most of our existing promo to secure your rates for life.