The act of trimming trees often brings some of the most bizarre pictures in one’s mind. One of the most common of these is one when somebody climbs trees with spiked shoes on, putting a bigger dent with each step taken. While this method is in use, many tree trimmer services are known to make use of alternative methods.

A lot of tree trimmers these days utilize a harness, pulleys or ropes to do the job – all of which preserve the tree’s health. Since the whole point of trimming trees is to keep them healthy & strong, using spikes while climbing up or down becomes counterintuitive. Not only do spikes cause wounds that take time to heal up, some simply might not and could cause rotting and eventual death for that tree.

It is a widely known fact that trees are vulnerable to contracting diseases, which can often be sourced to infestations taking root in wounds. In this regard, spiking would leave scores of wounds, leaving them able to get these infestations far quicker than they would had they been untouched.

Climbing a tree using anything other than spiked shoes needs the right type of equipment and technique. This is the initial and arguably the most essential step to ensure that the tree gets a proper trimming.

On the other hand, those using spikes might also have limited space in terms of available area. For instance, they may just have a couple of feet to work with due to their set up, which can affect the quality of preciseness of the branch removal and trimming process. If a big-sized branch does not get a trimming at the appropriate angle, there could be an excess of stub, which in turn would leave the area vulnerable to infestations.

Climbers who use spikes might also damage other, otherwise strong branches as they climb up, which could cause the branch to break off and potentially fall on someone or something.

That said, if you are looking for a professional service for tree trimming, there are a couple of things you need to observe. Remember, those who avoid spikes to climb up trees might not automatically be good for them. First, make sure that no matter what method they use, they take the tree’s health into consideration, and make it their utmost priority.

Second, take a long, hard look into how experienced and skilled the service reality is. Climbing without spikes needs a type of skill and a lot of practice; if the tree service in question hasn’t put in the effort into polishing said skill, they probably are not all that reliable.

At Tree Works, we make sure to avoid spikes while climbing, so that we can help foster beautiful, healthy trees. If you are looking for top-of-the-line tree services in Matthews, NC and its adjoining areas, contact us at Tree Works today.