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Some people have not invested in or dealt with unfinished pine wood furniture before. They always require a little bit of effort once they’ve been purchased and before they’re used, but they can also add lots of charm to the living environment. Following is everything that you need to understand about the wooden which is used in unfinished furnishings.

What Real Wood Really Means

High-quality, unfinished furnishings are made from wood. There are a few furniture pieces which might be even marketed being timber, what does this really mean? Wood implies that all exposed aspects of the item consist of either softwood or hardwood lumber. Solid wood is often found in dining, unfinished bedroom and accent furniture. Storage solutions like those offered by Highland Woodcraft and-quality bookcases are among some of the pieces that boast solid wood construction. They may be made using wood trim as well as cabinet-grade veneers and plywood for shelving and sides. It feels right a good, durable item that’s unlikely to warp. Lower-quality furnishings can be consists of MDF or chip board. Real wood products have higher numbers of structural integrity plus they are designed to last. Some are even famous like the late president Trumann’s wood rocking chair.

Basic Wood Types

Softwood is simply not soft as such. Several suggestions of softwood include spruce and pine which, like all other options in softwood result from conifer trees. Hardwood originates from deciduous trees like maple and oak. Oak is and is certainly just about the most popular wood types for unfinished furniture in fact it is available in two options: white oak and red oak.

You Will Need To Protect Unfinished Wood

Applying stain or paint is an essential part of finishing wood furniture. This normally requires several coats, but there is still more to complete. Utilize a clear protective finish to finish this project. This may provide stain protection in addition to protection against common, household chemicals and normal damage. You also have to consider to complete all sides of your wood furniture. Moreover, you shouldn’t use unfinished furniture soon after you’ve bought it. Have a look at each of our other websites to obtain additional tips on finishes.

Opt For The Wood Grain

When you invest in prepared to stain unfinished furniture, it’s best to go along with the wood grain. What this means is directing your brush strokes so they travel back and forth with the wood grain as an alternative to increasing, down and against it. You should also liberally apply the stain that you’re using. Some stains may drip or bleed onto the rear of the wood. That is why you ought to regularly check the rear of the item when you are staining it as a way to correct bleeding or dripping right away. Stain usually sits on the wood just for a matter of minutes before you will have to wipe away the extra and also the piece should be permitted to dry fully before another coat is applied. Always comply with any instructions that product manufacturers provide when completing a do-it-yourself wood finishing project. Hardwood is a its top in the extensive selection of unfinished wood furniture available from Highland Woodcraft. Have a look at our impressive offerings in wood furniture since the best unfinished furnishings of North Carolina are featured in your showroom.


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